Probably the best office-block’s cafeteria and coffee-shop in the town

The sideboard/déjeuner buffet contains two sorts of soups and ten sorts of main courses, just pick your own helping.
Feel free to taste various dishes at your desire;
the payment at the cashier will be done based on the helping weight from your plate.

Due to the sideboard/déjuner buffet service you may choose from the dishes on your own, you may taste as many as you wish, the pricing is based on the weight.

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Why us

Where the canteen is Restaurant

Zöld Ház Ételbár | Green House Cafeteria is a gaiety trendy, up-to-date zippy self-service restaurant in the heart of the 13th district. The place, where
the seasonably changing decoration-ambience meet stunning restaurant style cuisine, conducted by a self-devoted Chef. The range of the dishes it's covering the traditional,
as well as the new and rephrased meals too. Always there are used fresh, good quality and seasonal ingredients. During the day our cafeteria fits for the rushing style of the city
but guarantees a savory breakfast, a multi-course lunch, followed by a coffee, tea or sparkling and natural refreshments, all of this in a peaceful, calm environment.

Why us? In so far for all of this.

Breakfast – Lunch – Snack!

Premium category meals in the premium category Green House Office-Block.


1 to 10. Don’t miss this!
2016. September 16.
Either in spring, mainly in summer, or even is autumn. The cool refreshment.
2016. September 16.
For shopping at Zöld Ház Ételbár feel free to use your SZÉP KÁRTYA!
2016. February 09.


Vegetarian Gluten free Lactose free


Start your day with a tasteful coffee. Just taste the Caffé Perté’s excellent quality coffee specialties.

Join us with your friends or colleagues for a fast-breakfast.


Our barista is waiting for you with Caffé Perté’s selected aromas coffee! Make your day with a pure Italian coffee.
2016. February 04.
Lactose-free coffee is your choice? You’ll find it in our coffee-shop!Lactose-free coffee is your choice? You’ll find it in our coffee-shop!
2016. February 04.
Start your morning with delightful aromas, read your favorite news portal meanwhile you have a cake or a croissant accompanied by a coffee.
2016. February 04.

Live online webcam


Cafeteria like Living-space

interior decoration through picture-frame of mind

Opening hours: 

Monday - Friday 

Café : 7:30-16:00

Cafeteria: 10:30-15:00


Zöld Ház Ételbár | Green House Cafeteria 
1134 Budapest Tüzér street 18.
(Green House Irodaház | Green House Office-block)



Kedl  Ágnes | shopkeeper

+36 30 368 5136

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